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„It‘s about finding a lasting style – not a fashion thing“ Margaret Howell

At the beginning of 2016, we embarked on the most exciting journey of our lives. In striving for a new definition of perfection, we have set ourselves the goal of developing the "better shoe". "Clothes make the man" and enable us to express our personality and values.

Intelligent material

claim_page_top Superior Quality
claim_page_top Breathable
claim_page_top 100% loden
claim_page_top Water repellent

We stand for casual decency. For honest values. We started looking for an innovative solution and came across the oldest outdoor material in the world. But our loden is not ordinary, but rather an innovative further development. Because we produce our wool from Bavarian sheep and in the oldest textile factory in Germany with over 500 years of tradition.

Our Bavarian Merino Wool is an intelligent material. Natural high-tech functionality meets unique design and comfort.

Italian craftsmanship

claim_page_mid Made in Italy
claim_page_mid Co2 neutral
claim_page_mid 52 steps
claim_page_mid Bavarian loden

After many pasta, glasses of red wine and espressi in the Italian region of Le Marche, we have found a manufacture that shares our values and our standards.

Our shoes are made in a traditional, family-run factory that has been developing and producing shoes for Formula 1 racing drivers for many years. This design and development know-how is reflected in each of our models.

German design tradition

claim_page_bottom Superior Quality
claim_page_bottom Bavarian tradition
claim_page_bottom Function
claim_page_bottom Craft

Design is our top priority. Because we are a fashion label with an attitude and not an eco label with too little fashion expertise.

The German design tradition stands for the reduction to the essentials. Our design is timeless, simple and elegant, clean and a meaningful understatement.

MONACO DUCKs are shoes for every occasion, every outfit, can be perfectly combined, can be used in all climatic conditions and, thanks to their durability, are a true expression of cross-season slow fashion.

Transparent sustainability

claim_page_last Fairness
claim_page_last Climate neutral
claim_page_last Short transportation
claim_page_last Environmental Protection

At the beginning it was a matter of course for us that we didn't even communicate – but today everyone is talking about it: fair fashion, green fashion, slow fashion, … We are transparent and want to make a contribution to environmental protection with MONACO DUCK: Not only are our products 100% climate neutral, but also our entire company.


Our focus is on fairness for people, animals and the environment. We rely on short transport routes, local production, fair working conditions and close cooperation with our partners. Our sheep can even be visited by anyone at any time.

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