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After a lot of pasta, many glasses of red wine and espressos in the Italian region "Le Marche"we have found a manufacturer that shares our values and our standards.


We offer you the very best quality - 52 elaborate steps of real handcraft. That is why every single shoe from MONACO DUCK is handmade in the Italian region "Le Marche"; in a traditional, family-run factory that has been developing and producing shoes for Formula 1 racing drivers for many years. Craftsmanship, knowledge of the anatomy of the foot and the processing of our special Bavarian wool are very important to us. This design and development know-how is reflected in each of our designs.

Every element of our shoes is made by hand. The loden and leather are carefully selected to guarantee you the highest quality.

The lasts form the basis for every pair of shoes. They replicate the foot, take size and shoe model into account and are also responsible for comfort. Every shoe, including ours, consists of two essential parts, the upper part (shaft) and the bottom (sole).

The manufacturing process for all of our shoes begins with the production of a prototype for each new model, which we thoroughly test as a team. This initial design and development phase is essential to ensure that the fit and the entire shoe are perfect when they leave our factory.

Clicking is the first production stage in which the upper material of the shoe is cut. The name "Clicking" is derived from the "click" sound that is made when the blade is removed from the leather after cutting around the pattern.

In the next production step, the fine details of our shoes are created, which make each style individually. This includes punching holes and sewing the cut shaft parts together.

All components for the bottom of the shoe are then prepared. This includes the insole and the shoe sole. All leather soles and insoles are cut with knives.

The process of pinching is when the shoe begins to take shape. The shaft is stretched over the last with pliers, shaped and connected to the sole (pinched) and finally sewn.

Each pair of MONACO DUCKs is hand-cut from the best loden and leather in the world and made in our manufactory in Italy according to the same principles that have guided the best shoemakers in the world for over a century. Our shoes are manufactured and refined with great attention to detail and embody the timeless elegance of the German design tradition.