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Smart Wool

What do sheep have to do with MONACO DUCK? Everything! Without sheep there would be no ducks made of 100% merino wool. We started looking for an innovative solution and rediscovered the oldest outdoor material in the world.

Together with experts, we have developed the classic merino wool fabric into an ultra-performance wool. Unlike conventional merino wool, our Bavarian Wool is a special new sheep's wool, which is processed very elaborately and then weatherproofed using a special procedure. 100% natural.

Our Bavarian Merino Wool is an intelligent material. Natural high-tech functionality meets unique design and comfort.

Hardly anyone knows that shearing is hardly worthwhile for our shepherds in Bavaria. That is exactly why we are committed to the use of Bavarian wool together with Mähdusa.We produce our wool from Bavarian sheep and in the oldest textile factory in Germany with over 500 years of tradition.

We not only have fantastic wool from over 200,000 sheep in Bavaria, but also directly for the environment. Sheep serves as personal lawnmowers and expects the pastures better than we have before. We stand for species-appropriate husbandry and local economy where people, animals and nature come into focus. Our sheep can even all belong to themselves.

Merino Wool is the oldest outdoor material in the world and the many advantages of this material make it perfect for shoes and bags - Natural Hightech: Superior. Sustainable. Smart.

Breathable & Temperature Balancing
Merino Wool cools in summer and warms in winter. The unique fibre structure of Bavarian Wool enables us to integrate millions of small air pockets into the fabric. These pockets act like natural insulation and create a perfect feel-good climate on the skin. Wool and the special fibre structure allows the feet to breathe especially well.

The elaborate process of cleaning the new wool, the fulling, makes the merino wool not only more resistant and warmer, but also water-repellent.

Unlike cotton, our Bavarian Wool is a natural and renewable resource. The wool is shorn by hand from sheep. This consumes much less energy than the production of synthetic materials. 

Die komplexe Zellstruktur von Wolle macht sie sehr widerstandsfähig und flexibel gegen Risse oder Brüche. Loden kann über 30.000 Mal gebogen werden, ohne beschädigt zu werden.

Merino wool is a particularly light material that is pleasant to wear on the skin. Merino Wool shapes itself from the first minute. It therefore gives the shoe an optimum fit.

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