100% loden

What do sheep have to do with MONACO DUCK? Everything! Because without sheep, there would be no hand-made MONACO DUCK shoes made from 100% loden - an elaborately processed fabric made from pure new sheep's wool. From the living animal, of course. We attach great importance to working with a renewable raw material that neither consumes valuable resources nor contains chemical additives. A basic product that is available indefinitely. Our sneakers, boots and loafers are sustainable shoes, fair fashion - sustainable luxury.

High-tech material that has been tried and tested for centuries: Loden is the oldest outdoor material in the world and the many advantages of this material are made for shoes and bags.


Loden is a particularly light fabric that is comfortable to wear on the skin. Loden flatters himself from the first minute. Thus it gives the shoe an optimal fit. 



Wool and the special fiber structure allow the feet to breathe particularly well. Our handmade shoes are therefore extremely breathable. This prevents unnecessary sweating.



Wool is a natural and renewable raw material. The wool is sheared by hand from sheep. This uses significantly less energy than the production of synthetic materials and even cotton.


Temperature equalizing

Due to the fabric structure of the loden there is a regular and controlled heat balance. Loden does not let the cold through and at the same time retains body heat. This means that our shoes warm in winter and prevent sweating in summer.



The complex cellular structure of wool makes it very resilient and flexible against tears or breaks. Loden can be bent over 30,000 times without being damaged. This makes our handmade shoes extremely durable.


Water repellent

Due to the elaborate processing of the new wool, the fulling, the loden is not only more resistant and warming, but also water-repellent. MONACO DUCK shoes are naturally water-repellent.



We at MONACO DUCK are particularly proud to be the first company to use loden to manufacture shoes. We can confidently call ourselves the inventors of the loden sneaker. Loden is one of the oldest and most robust materials in the world. In addition, loden stands for Bavarian tradition like no other material. So there was no question that the loden for MONACO DUCK must also come from the region. We wanted to give this special material a super modern and really special comeback right from the start! We are particularly pleased that with the use of loden we not only produce extremely high quality but above all sustainable shoes - Sustainable Luxury.