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​The right shoe care for your MONACO DUCKs

A rainy day or a nice walk in the woods will not leave your MONACO DUCK shoes without a trace. However - another of the many advantages that loden offers - they can also be cleaned effortlessly. Loden does get dirty sometimes, but it is easy to clean. Most dirt and water run off directly and in most cases the loden does not get really dirty in the first place.

Loden is naturally protected by lanolin and is therefore extremely easy to care for. Lanolin protects the wool fibre from rain, dirt and smells. Additional impregnation is therefore not necessary for your handmade shoes from Munich! Regular airing and brushing with a natural hair brush keeps the quality of the fabric very good.

For additional cleaning you can moisten the material with light vinegar water and then brush it out with a clothes or shoe brush. Margins and stains can be removed with a damp cloth and some curd soap. If, however, for particularly spectacular reasons, an even more thorough cleaning is necessary, make sure to use re-greasing wool detergents so that the natural lanolin content and the water-repellent function is retained.

And what about the other components of your shoes, the leather and sole?

Rough and velour leather is quite open-pored, so the right care begins with regular brushing of the shoes. For smooth leather, shoe care is used to restore lost oils and fats to the leather. Shoe polish for the upper leather of a shoe maintains the elasticity, suppleness and shine of the leather.

If you have a leather sole, you must make sure that the shoe is stored as dry as possible. Rubber soles are easier to care for and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

In order for your MONACO DUCK shoes to keep their shape, grant them the luxury of a shoe stretcher. Our high-quality shoe stretcher smooth wrinkles.

Loden is indestructible in its structure, unsurpassed in its properties and is characteristic for Bavaria. A material for life. With the right care, your shoes will always remain a part of you, because our Bavarian loden is developed exactly for this purpose.

Shoe care sounds like a lot of work to you? No problem, we will gladly take it off your hands. From now on we offer you an exclusive shoe cleaning service - the perfect care for your favourite shoes, because well cared shoes are the best business card for you.