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In the beginning sustainability was an implicit value, something we did but didn’t talk about. Today everyone talks about it: Fair Fashion, Green Fashion, Slow Fashion, ... Natural materials, 100% Made in Italy, traditional craftsmanship and a relationship with our manufacturers based on trust. Our focus is on fairness for people, animals and the environment. We are transparent and since 2020 not only are our products 100% carbon neutral, but also our whole company.


We at MONACO DUCK are inspired by nature and consciously look for the best materials and manufacturers. We are committed to protecting and preserving nature as we know it. For us this means that synthetic materials are avoided as far as possible. Instead, we use loden made of 100% wool, our genuine Bavarian Wool, and biological tanned leather.


Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges. All products that you order from us, as well as our entire company, are climate neutral. Together we make an important contribution to climate protection and promote the social and economic situation of the local people. In our blog you can find out more about our climate neutrality in general, we introduce you to one of our two Climate protection projects , that we support and in an interview, founder Carl explains exactly what climate neutrality means for MONACO DUCK and your shoes.

Together with Mähdusa, we are also committed to the use of Bavarian wool. Thus, we stand for species-appropriate husbandry and local economy where people, animals and nature come into focus. Our sheep can even be visited by anyone at any time.

Since the production of our first sample, we have established a strong relationship with our manufacturers in Italy, with whom we work closely. We attach great importance to fair working conditions and adequate payment. We source the majority of materials from local suppliers, thus guaranteeing the shortest possible transport route.

MONACO DUCK is aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and questions every part of the production process. With renewable raw materials, first-class materials and excellent production we introduce a new perspective in the fashion world.